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Does your team handle construction projects, big or small? BuildSolution is a specialised management and CRM system for the construction industry.

Whether you build homes, offices or mixed-use developments, BuildSolution can help your team organise their internal processes and manage their resources.

It’s an invaluable tool for all stakeholders including project supervisors and team members, administrative staff and customers.





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Why You Need It

Nurture your leads and improve operational efficiency. From when a lead comes in, to the day you hand over the site, BuildSolution helps your team stay ahead of the game.

Access all the documents relevant to a project and key stakeholders in a centralised location. Manage construction timelines, generate reports for decision making and improve the accuracy and speed of your billing process.

Increase customer satisfaction and transparency by keeping them in the loop. With their own log-ins, clients can access certain areas of the platform to check on their job, freeing up time for your project supervisor.

How Does It Work

Project managers and team members can be assigned different access levels to view or edit information on construction jobs that are relevant to them.

Customers can log in and view the designs and customisations they have approved as well as the current status of their construction job. This way everyone can effortlessly stay on the same page.

When it’s time for billing and reporting your administrative and managerial staff will be able to conveniently access all the information they need in one place.

  • Track jobs

  • Assign supervisors

  • Track projected profits

  • Keep track of investors

  • Manage construction timelines

  • Keep documents in order

  • View your correspondence all in one place

Make It Your Own

We love delivering systems that are tailor-made for builders. Speak to us about what you need and we’ll deliver a system that is further customised to suit your team’s specific needs.

Interested? Let us know and we'll reach out.

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