Web Application Check List

by Admin OSMiUM, November 7, 2014

Web Testing is checking web application for potential bugs before it’s made live or before code is moved into the production environment. During this stage issues such as that of web application security, the functioning of the site, its access to handicapped as well as regular users and its ability to handle traffic is checked.

Functional Testing

Tools that can be used to: Selenium/ QTP/ IBM Rational

Test all links

  • Check out going links
  • Check internal links
  • Check anchor links
  • Check mailto links

Test forms

  • Scripting checks on the forms are working as expected
  • Check default values are being populated
  • Once submitted the data in the form is submitted to a live database or is linked to an working email address
  • Forms are optimally formatted for better readability

Test cookies

  • Testing cookies
  • Deleting cookies
  • Check information is cookies is encrypted or not
  • Check cookie will expire after session is expire

Test business workflow

  • Testing end-to-end workflow
  • Test native scenarios (A user executes unexpected step, appropriate error message or help is shown in web application)


Usability Testing

Tools that can be used to: A paper and pencil, Chalkmark, ClickTale, CrazyEgg, Feedback Army

Test the site navigation

  • Menus, buttons or links to different page on the site should be easily visible and consistent on all web pages

Test and Content

  • Content should be eligible with no spelling or grammatical mistakes


Interface Testing

Tools that can be used to: Selenium


  • Test requests are sent correctly to the database and the client side is displayed correctly

Web server

  • Test web server is handling all application requests without any service denial

Database server

  • Make sure queries send to the database give expected results


Database Testing

Tools that can be used to: QTP

Test if any errors are shown while executing queries

Date integrity

  • Maintained while creating, updating and deleting data in database

Check response time of queries and fine, tune them if necessary

Test data retrieved from database is shown accurately in web application


Compatibility Checking

Tools that can be used: NetMechanic

Browser Compatibility Checking

  • Image format not supported by all browsers
  • Technologies not supported by some browsers


Performance Testing

Tools that can be used: Rational Performance Tester IBM

Web application response times at different connection speed

Load test

  • Web application to determine its behavior under normal peak load

Stress test

Test if a crash occurs due to peak load


Security Testing

Tools that can be used to: BFBTester, CROSS

Password cracking

  • Test unauthorized access to secure pages that should not be permitted
  • Restricted files should not be downloadable without appropriate access
  • Check sessions are automatically killed after prolonged user activity

URL manipulation through HTTP get method

  • Some wen application communicate additional information between the browser and the server in the URL many times lead to unintended behavior by the server

SQL injection

  • Process of increasing SQL statement through the web application user interface into some query that is then executed by the server

XSS- Cross Site Scripting

  • When the user insert HTML/client side script in the user interface of a web application and the insertion is visible to other user