Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself. Make Virtual a Reality with OSMiUM. You will love the experience, connection and knowledge between the reality and virtual.

We at OSMiUM provide you the best VR experience. Our expertise in HTC Vive and Oculus Gear, will allow you to explore, create, connect and encounter the best of it all.

HTC Vive

Joining enthusiasm, ability, and advancement, Vive conveys on the guarantee of VR with best-in-class innovation and substance. Vive is a stepping stone in the virtual reality framework. Give yourself a chance to be outwardly, physically and candidly astounded by new virtual universes loaded with spectacular characters, sights and sounds.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift’s advanced display technology combined with its exact, low-latency constellation tracking system enables the feeling/excited feeling of presence – the feeling like you’re actually there. The magic of presence changes everything. Customizable, comfortable, versatile, and alluring, Rift is technology and design as amazing and interesting as the experiences it enables.

Oculus Gear

Step in and experience the game with Gear VR and be a component of the action like you’re genuinely there. You can utilise the movement of your head to explore, aim, and interact – it’s an entirely incipient way to play.

Innovation is at the element of our business. We have apperceived that Virtual Authenticity is advent of age and that there is a desideratum for a company that can avail your business visualise and prepare for the fundamental transmutes
your business data will experience. VR will transmute your business whether you believe it or not and it is coming swiftly.
No company is yare, but VROsmium can avail you lead while others follow.


Osmium is proud to be the technology partner in developing the museum tour for the Islamic Museum of Australia. The tour was designed and developed for the Global Islamic Economy Summit 2016 held in Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre.

The tour depicts the galleries of the museum with all the information panels and artefacts as exhibit items.

IMA VR Tour collaboration with OSMiUM (1)
IMA VR Tour collaboration with OSMiUM (2)
IMA VR Tour collaboration with OSMiUM (3)
IMA VR Tour collaboration with OSMiUM (4)

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