Selecting an eCommerce platform for your business

by Admin OSMiUM, October 31, 2014

Electronic commerce or ecommerce is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. How do you go about selecting a CMS in a business environment that is increasingly signified by its mobility and connectivity?
Customers and employees expect to be able to engage with you on whatever device they have within reach and at
any moment. They also expect that the experience will be great even when at work.
The information you have scaled for desktop computers needs to be made available for channels and devices that
are still on the drawing table.
The data that we collect from users, should be turned into
customized and personalized solutions, because customer expectations are more demanding than ever.
The business systems you are using need to be integrated into your CMS in order for you to create the great and
useful experiences that users are expecting.
To meet the expectations of the connected and engaged user, your businesses has to ask yourself, what
do our users need, what tasks are they trying to solve, when and where and how can we help them? The type of
device is less important because the users expect that they can use the device they choose to use in the given
situation. If I am comfortable buying my smart phone, then I expect to be able to
just do it.
How do you decide which CMS fits your business needs? What kind of technology do you need to look for?And is it
possible to predict what will work and what won’t in a year?
In order to buy a CMS that supports the growth of yours business we suggest that you:
• Create a team with people who know your business, users and systems
• Make a business plan on your goals and strategies
• Get to know your users and their behavior
• Thinking about how you’ll reap the benefits of your investment by considering governance before you buy

An eCommerce/shopping cart platform is something that allows you to,

• enter and display your product information
• manage and price them
• display them in a pleasant way you like
• then confirm purchasing by checkout and make a payment using a payment gateway
• Actually there are many ways o do this. Shopping cart is just one feature.

You also might want to create well-designed web pages, have good search engine optimization, run a blog, manage inventory, and many other options that leads to having what we usually call a website.

In general, there are 3 different ways to build an eCommerce website…

• Get the eCommerce software and build a website around it
• Get a website and “plug in” the eCommerce software
• Get everything bundled in one complete package

Of course, that’s a bit simplifying – but it’s the first choice you have to make.

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