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What is SEO and Why do YOU need it?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting a website displayed and improving its rank on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Do not mistake this with PPC/Adwords which deals with having your website displayed as an Ad or Sponsored Result on SERPs.

SEO services are usually divided into two, namely on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page optimization deals mostly with changes done to your website targeting accessibility, content, design and other code modifications. Off-page optimization deals with links pointing to your site and how well you can be found on the Internet via other websites.

Good on-page optimization and off-page optimization along with other some other factors are what affects where a website is ranked on the SERPs. The higher you rank for your targeted keyword, the more people that will visit your website and hence higher the chances of conversion.

SEO services play a very important role in Online Marketing and should be a definite must in any business’ long term marketing plan. With the use of Internet sky-rocketing over the past decade and the ease with which people can search for services/products online, being found online has become a necessity for almost all businesses.

Free SEO Audit

At OSMiUM we turn your check points into SEO ready content that is optimized for all search engines. Our Melbourne SEO services provide organic search results without “over stuffing” your website or losing your vision. We offer unique SEO services in Melbourne to suit your needs:

FREE SEO Keyword Analysis for websites – we believe that SEO Keyword analysis is an essential part of your website development that will help your website stand out from your competition and that is why, at Osmium, we incorporate a FREE SEO keyword analysis.

Providing your own content – our team of IT experts and copy writers work together to target and edit your text, titles and descriptions without losing your voice to provide optimal search engine capacity which attracts online browsers to your website with ease.

Developing your text – our copy writing team can develop your text for you. Sit back and let our creative wordsmiths develop SEO focussed content for your website and watch your business grow.

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