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Selenium IDE is a software testing tool developed by Jason Huggins in 2004. It’s an open-source software that works on all three major platform that are Windows, MAC and Linux. Selenium enable you to test web application without any programming language knowledge. Selenium IDE provides facilities to export recorded script in many language like Java, C#, PHP, Phyton, Ruby, Perl, Junit, TestNG. You can use these exported script in Selenium RC and Web driver. Script which create for application testing is called Test Case in Selenium IDE language and set of test cases is called Test Suite in Selenium IDE. The Selenium IDE is a Firefox plugin that makes it possible to record, edit and debug a tests.

How to use Selenium IDE

To use Selenium IDE for regression testing of web application, you have to download it from link given here. Click here to . The Selenium IDE is currently available only on Firefox. So don’t try to download it in any other web browsers.

How to download and install Selenium IDE step by step process

selenium2014-11-18 15-28-05_01

  • When you click on latest Selenium IDE Downloaded version link, Firefox will show one popup saying do you want to allow Mozilla Firefox to install Selenium IDE or Not. Click on Allow button.

selenium2014-11-18 15-28-05_02

  • When you click on allow button, Firefox will automatically install Selenium IDE software. After completion of Selenium IDE installation, it will show one popup saying Selenium IDE installation completed. You need to click restart now button as shown in image below.

selenium2014-11-18 16-02-15_03

  • When you click on Restart Now button, Firefox will restart automatically.
  • Now click on Tools menu list displayed in top. You can see there Selenium IDE as shown in image below.

selenium2014-11-18 16-35-08_04

  • Click on Selenium IDE as shown in image above. It will launch Selenium IDE software window as shown in image below.

selenium2014-11-18 16-38-08_05

So these are the steps to download and Install Selenium IDE. Now you can use it to record and play your web application test.

Comment here if you face any problem in download and install Selenium IDE and See my next post to know “How to use Selenium IDE”.