Introduction to Titanium Studio

by Admin OSMiUM, October 31, 2014

What is titanium Studio?

Titanium is the leading mobile development environment of choice for hundreds of thousands of developers. With more than 75,000 mobile applications deployed on 270,000,000 devices, the award-winning Titanium environment helps organizations get to market 60% faster and achieve a significant competitive advantage.

What is Cross-platform mobile development?

Cross-platform mobile development refers to the development of mobile apps that can be used on multiple mobile platforms that sounds interesting.

Available Platforms



Common Questions and answers

Q)Do I need to learn java or objective to start building

A)Answer is simple No! If you are familiar with javascript you can do a lot in titanium

Q)Is their is special tutorials,or sites that would help me with titanium

A) (Documentation including example) (Forum that mainly focused on titanium based issues)
I’will post some tips and tricks as well in upcoming posts

Q)Is their any special regions that I would need to focus when developing?


Things you need to focus when developing native apps using titanium
mvc architecture
Alloy framework
Web services
Modules (facebook,twitter,push notifications,paypal etc)
widgets (sliders,buttons etc)

Q)Is this the only framework that supports cross platform mobile app development


Answer is no,you find plenty on the web but titanium offers you cool building workplace,less coding,easy designing,cloud programming and many more.