In a developer’s eye: WordPress Vs. DIY Website Platform

by Admin OSMiUM, June 11, 2015

When doing a comparison between WordPress and DIY Websites, there are numerous beneficial advantages to go ahead with WordPress.

As of January 2015, WordPress accounts for more than 20% of the top 1 million visited websites. These types of numbers clearly show the popularity of WordPress usage when compared to other top open source content management systems / Do-it-yourself (DIY) web platform alternatives.

Long after WordPress has established itself as the king of the internet, there have been a number of other platforms built around a DIY concept which enable the user build basic websites by themselves that aren’t extensible. Unlike WordPress these build-it-yourself platforms are not open source. Each of these DIY platforms are designed, operated, and updated by their own in house development teams.

For a complete newcomer, the drag and drop platforms of DIY Websites may be a very attractive feature to these systems, however, WordPress has a wide variety of large advantages. Following are some of them:

WordPress Offers a Huge Variety Plugins to Enhance Website Functionality
There are about 26,000 WordPress plugins available currently and these have been downloaded over 490 million times. That is huge number of potential function combinations it is only possible due to the open source nature of WordPress.

Simplistically, WordPress is an open source platform, meaning that their codes are open to everybody to use and customize. So any developers / programmers can customize any part of the website at a later stage and extend the features of the website.
As for DIY Websites, which is mostly not an open source website builder, means that their platform is gated off so only their own in-house development team can produce tools for users and the website can be extended only to a limited extent.

Design and Features
As your business grows, your website will too. Time to time, you would need to extend your website to suit your audience by adding more features and spicing up with additional graphical components. WordPress can be extended from a basic informational website to a fully functioning online retail store that handles multi million dollar transactions online. When it comes to DIY Websites, the limitations pertained with the extensibility would prevent the users to add new features on the go.

Taking many advantages of WordPress into consideration, especially considering future extensibility, it is always the wisest choice to go ahead with WordPress.