How to Restore a SQL Backup File (.bak) to Amazon RDS

by Admin OSMiUM, November 4, 2014

At the time (October 22nd 2014) Amazon relational database service (RDS) do not support restore or backup .bak files. If you try to restore from a .bak file you will get error “Failed to receive data from this request”

To solve this problem you can user SQL Azure Migration Wizard. Fallowing steps are how to use it. As my experience SQL Azure did not support with every SQL Server versions. I found that SQL server 2014 only compatible with Azure v5.12 and Azure v5.12 compatible only with SQL server 2014. Otherwise you will get error like below.(Figure 01)

error msg

Figure 01: Error Message

SQL Azure Download link:

Steps to restore RDS SQL Server using SQL Azure

  1. Copy the backup file to Amazon EC2.
  2. Restore the backup file to SQL local server in EC2.

Figure 02: SQL Azure


  1. Run SQL Azure and select Database under Analyze/Migrate.

Figure 03: SQL Azure Server Login Menu

  1. Then connect to the local server where we restore backup file.
  2. Select the database that restored and generate the script. Save if you like.
  3. Then login to the destination SQL server / RDS
  4. Select the database to restore.
  5. Run the scrip.

If you fallowed the steps correctly you can see the restored database in your RDS.