Games Tool Kit in iOS and swift

by Admin OSMiUM, November 4, 2014

Initially  I’m going to introduce about Swift. Swift is the Apple’s latest programming language. In time, it will replace Objective-C as the primary language in which iPhone and Macintosh applications are written. Swift is easy to learn, powerful, and is fully-supported by Apple. There are lot of game tool kits in the market (i.e: ex-unity, sparrow framework, Sprite Kit, Cocos2D.) I’m gonna Introduce 3 Game Engines in This post.

Sprite Kit

If you are a complete beginner, or solely focused on iOS Use Sprite Kit. it’s built in, easy to learn, and will get the job done. Sprite Kit provides a graphics rendering and animation infrastructure that you can use to animate arbitrary textured images, or sprites. Sprite Kit does the work to render frames of animation efficiently using the graphics hardware.


Advantages of sprite kit
•    It’s built right into iOS. There is no need to download extra libraries or have external dependencies. You can also seamlessly use other iOS APIs like iAd, In-App Purchases, etc. without having to rely on extra plugins.
•    It leverages your existing skills. If you already know Swift and iOS development, you can pick up Sprite Kit extremely quickly.
•    It’s written by Apple. This gives you some confidence that it will be well supported moving forward on all of Apple’s new products.
•    It’s free. Maybe one of the best reasons for small indies! You get all of Sprite Kit’s functionality at no cost. Unity does have a free version but does not have all of the features of the Pro version (you’ll need to upgrade if you want to avoid the Unity splash screen, for example).

Cocos2D IPhone

The cocos2D IPhone is a port of a game engine originally created in Python and converted to iPhone Objective-C.As you can tell from the name, Cocos2D is designed for 2D games, that being said, although the engine is in a 2D world, the engine includes a growing collection of high quality 3D special effects.  Cocos2D has also been released on the Mac so you can ease the release on 2 platforms.Cocos2D has been used in many games on the iPhone app store, you can visit the official site here, where many are listed.Also included is support for the in-game Chipmunk engine, and the latest version of Cocos also includes an OpenAL based sound engine.

Sparrow Framework

The Sparrow Framework is very lightweight 2d game engine created in objective-c.In a very short amount of time we can able to understand the framework, and we can find it to be very intuitive.The game framework includes all the necessary features you’d require for creating a basic 2D game such as easy animation, and a sound engine.