Osmium Fashion Mirror

OFM (Osmium Fashion Mirror) is a system developed to give an amazing shopping experience for the customers in fashion industry. OFM is the newest trend to be introduced for apparel showrooms to provide a totally new fit on room experience for their customers. The entire system has been integrated with one unit. Following items are included in the unit,

  1. Kiosk
  2. Kinect Camera
  3. Fashion Mirror Software

It will be fascinating for customers to choose their clothes and fit on them virtually without wasting their time and energy on finding each cloth on showcase and match them. Customers also can save the pictures of them in their newly selected fashion items and get them to their mobile by scanning the QR code on the fashion mirror.

This brand new experience to customers of the retail fashion industry by Osmium is going to change the Sri Lankan fashion trends and will attract more customers to enjoy the shopping experience at the show rooms with the OFM facility.

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